Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Man Fires 15 Times At Fleeing Home Invaders...Is Arrested

A Niagra County, New York homeowner said that he protected himself from a home invasion when he picked up his sport utility rifle and fired 15 shots at fleeing home invaders. Dennis Cherry  told police that he was protecting himself from burglars when he opened fire at the fleeing thugs. He aimed at the radiator and tires and intentionally didn't shoot into the car. Cherry is a Vietnam veteran, and has firearms training.

Apparently he had it with a rebellious family member involved, and believed that enough was too much from her. He said that he believed that his step daughter was  one of those who tried to break in, and that she had previously  stolen one of his handguns. He alleges that the burglars were high on drugs, believed they were armed, and were coming back.

Cherry faces charges of reckless endangerment and criminal mischief for firing 15 shots. 14 hit the vehicle.  The charges have started a debate about shooting at home invaders in the Buffalo area.

In Oklahoma:

Five people were awakened by a knock at the door, when they were confronted by three men wielding knives.  One of the thugs was a lifelong friend of the homeowner. The home invaders forced all five of the home's occupants into a back room.  The homeowner got his gun and shot at least one of the men who broke in. That ended the home invasion.

A juvenile and an adult, who was wounded, were arrested by Oklahoma City Police. Cops there are looking for the third man, a Hispanic male.

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