Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ohio Burglar Sues the Victim Who Shot Him

A Lima, Ohio Burglar has sued the man whose home he invaded and who shot him. Nineteen year old Jack White has sued 54 year old Stephen White (no relation), saying that Stephen White shot him intentionally. The younger man says that the gunshot caused serious injuries and a disability. His medical bills have reached over $35,000.00. Stephen White had just returned to his home last February and found Jack White and two others in his yard. Jack had just broken into Stephen’s house and was running back to his own house nearby with a rifle and other things he had stolen from Stephen’s house.

The elder Mr. White chased Jack. He confronted Jack, and the rifle that Jack had just stolen went off during a struggle for it.  

A Judge has sentenced Jack White to two years in prison, and told him that he had no right to be in another man’s home.  Jack is well on his way to being a career criminal. He has a long juvenile record that includes other breaking and entering, assaults, thefts, and criminal trespassing convictions.

To further complicate the case, Stephen White faces Felonious Assault charges and a charge of having a firearm when he had been previously ordered by the Court to not possess one. Prosecutors believe that Stephen White pulled the trigger. He is going to trial on these charges in late spring, and could be sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Fortunately, and contrary to what young Jack White and his lawyer believe, juries don't like to reward criminal behavior or give damages payments for injuries sustained as a result of one’s own criminal behavior.

Perhaps Stephen White will find a sympathetic jury in the criminal matter too.

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