Friday, February 19, 2010

Two Electricians Lured To Home For Robbery, Both Shot...Robber Killed

We’ve all heard stories of pizza delivery drivers being set up to be robbed, but here’s a twist.
Two Atlanta electricians were lured into a vacant house this week. An armed man planned to rob them when they got there.

One or more men were waiting for the two electricians from different companies to arrive in the house. They were due at different, but close times.

Once inside, the first electrician was shot in the leg and robbed. The second electrician didn’t know about the first one when he arrived. The armed robber shot him in the leg too.

That’s when the second electrician pulled out a handgun and shot the robber in the head. The robber is in critical condition at an Atlanta hospital. A second man may have also been wounded.

And, in South Carolina:

A home invasion victim who was shot in the hip by a burglar fired a shot back at him. The victim was not at home when the break in occurred. But, when he arrived, he found that the electric power had been turned off. He went outside and turned it back on, but when he went back inside he was shot in the hip by the home invader. The home’s occupant fired back; however, he does not know if he hit the thug.

In Houston:

A Houston burglar didn’t survive his home invasion attempt. 23 year old Roosevelt Jackson, Junior woke up the home’s occupant when he broke a window of the house.  The homeowner then saw movement by a dresser at the front window. He got his shotgun and shot at the man who was coming in through the window.

Roosevelt fell out of the window and police found him dead in the yard.

And, another Houston home invader’s career was ended this week.  A semi tractor was usually parked near the house where he made the home invasion attempt, but the owner had moved it. The burglar probably believed that the home was unoccupied because the truck was gone. The homeowner heard noises of the break in and shot the burglar three times. He died near the house.

Photo of Most Wanted Suspect
Jon Halverson 
Wanted For: 

Assault with a deadly weapon with the likelihood of great bodily harm

Battery against a person with bodily injury, and Robbery

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