Monday, February 1, 2010

Worst Bank Robbery Of 2010...So Far

When Edward Blaine tried to rob a bank in Spotsylvania County, Va., he set the decade's standard for  botched bank jobs.

He had everything planned out. He entered the Union Bank and Trust and order two tellers to "be cool."  He told then that he wanted all of the large bills.  He had a gun, but never pulled it out in the bank.

When he left the bank, he left numerous $100.00 bills behind. Then, he got outside only to find that he had locked the car doors and left the car keys in his rental car.

He beat on the car's window with a two by four, but he couldn't break the glass. The noise and commotion got the attention of two auto body men working at a body shop where he had hastily parked. He bungled the parking job too because he blocked one of the business' service bay with his car, and employees weren't happy. They were looking for him.

He ran off when men came out from the body shop. He was then caught by two body shop men, and accidentally shot himself in the leg when he couldn't get his gun out of his pocket. But, that wasn't the end to his problems.
While he fought his captors, one of them also shot him in the leg.

He had previously been in prison 20 years for a Maryland Bank robbery done in 1983. He was to have been in Court the same week to accept a plea bargain for being in possession of a firearm as a felon, a previous felony. But, the prosecutor has withdrawn that deal.

He will face 8 more felonies now, including two attempted murder charges and armed robbery. ,

And in Georgia, another robber had a worse day:

A Georgia robber lost a gunfight with his intended victim last week.  A Decatur, Georgia man was accosted by an armed robber. During the robbery attempt, both the victim and the robber exchanged gunfire, and both men were hit by bullets. The robber jumped into a car when he tried to escape, but he crashed into a tree. He died at the hospital.

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 Do not attempt to apprehend any person or persons involved in any of these offenses as they may be armed and dangerous. If you have seen anyone presented here or have information about their whereabouts or the offenses they are alleged to have been involved in, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. Law enforcement must verify the information presented here prior to any legal action.
If you know the whereabouts of any of these fugitives please call:

Brazoria County Sheriff's Office979-864-2392
Charles Wagner, Sheriff

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