Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Worst Burglary Of 2010...So Far

In what is probably the worst burglary of the year so far, 19 year old Stephan Crane broke into the offices of the Ravalli Republic Newspaper in Montana last week.  He came in through a window after hours because he always wanted to know what was inside the newspaper’s office. It would have been easier to have just asked.

Crane used the newspapers computers to view pornography. He also took the time to log into his Facebook and MySpace accounts. When he was finished, he sprayed a fire extinguisher around the room and then left a trail behind. He had stolen M&Ms and trail mix, and left a trail of dropped snacks all the way to his sister’s apartment which was across the hall from the newspaper’s office.

Crane admitted that alcohol was involved. He is charged with felony burglary, criminal mischief, and misdemeanor theft.

In San Bernardino, California, a female home invader was shot in the chest as she broke into a home’s window. Jennifer London stuck her head through the window after she broke it. She was shot after the home’s occupant warned her that he was armed. Deputies arrived in minutes when seconds counted, and found her wounded with a single bullet wound to the chest. She was jailed after treatment at a hospital and has a $125,000.00 bond

And, a Ft. Wayne, Indiana area woman saved herself and her daughter when she was able to text message to a neighbor that she needed help. A home invader had tied her and her daughter up. He sexually assaulted the daughter.

Sonny Osborn, the neighbor’s boyfriend went inside with a gun. He shot the rapist in the leg three times. The attacker is in the Allen County jail.

please contact the Fugitive Squad at (404) 546-4220 or Submit a tip on-line


Muhammed El-Amin
Warrant #: FBI-02581TA4


Warrant #: EW019870

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