Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Burglars Break Into Dutch Prison And Steal Inmate's Televisions

Brazen burglars broke into a Dutch minimum security prison to steal TV sets from the cells while the prisoners were out on weekend furloughs. The prison has little security and is similar to U.S. halfway houses where offenders at the end of their sentences adjust and transition to life on the outside. Weekend passes for the inmates are normal as part of the program. There were two similar burglaries in March and during this month. The prisoners will have to occupy themselves in other older traditional ways until the TV sets are replaced. 
No arrests have been made so far.

In Tennessee:

A Tennessee man shot a teenage burglar who had broken in through the home’s back window. This was the home’s second burglary since the homeowners moved in. It’s the third burglary on the same block this year. The eighteen year old man was hit in the neck by the homeowner’s shot.  

This is the second time that the same homeowner confronted a burglar in the home since moving in several months ago. The Memphis area homeowner met the previous home invader as the intruder was carrying a TV out of the home. The family bought a gun to protect themselves after that burglary.

The homeowner believes that the woods behind the home are a crime magnet. They see people coming out of the woods regularly and have had stolen cars left in their driveway.  

In Florida:

A Thonotosassa homeowner grabbed his semiautomatic pistol after he was awakened and found two home invaders in the residence. He fought with one of the two burglars and shot one of them during the scuffle that began when the home invader waved a clothes iron at him. The homeowner fired in self defense.The iron wielding man was shot several times and was hospitalized. The other thug ran off, leaving his accomplice behind.  

Police say that the homeowner had every right to defend himself. 
Firearms Accessories


Eagle County's 10 Most Wanted
If your photo is posted on this page and you have cleared your warrant,
 you must contact the Eagle County Sheriff's Office at
 info@sheriff.eagle.co.us or 970-328-8500 to have it removed. 

jose de jesus 10 most wanted
Murillo Velasco, Jose de Jesus30 yr old male, Date of Birth: 03/02/79
6’1”, 180 lbs., Black hair, brown eyes
Last known address: Avon, CO
Wanted for: Failure to Appear – 
Controlled substance
Bond: $30,000
  http://www.eaglecounty.us/uploadedImages/ECG_Website/Sheriff/Crime_Prevention/Martinez-Ramirez, Ivan Eufemio.jpg
Martinez-Ramierez, Ivan Eufemio
28 yr old male, 
Date of Birth: 03/19/1981
5’7”, 150 lbs., Black hair, brown eyes,
 tattoo – right arm - band w/ sun
Last known address: 
Gypsum, CO
Wanted for: Failure to Appear – 
controlled substance
Bond: $30,000
Pinela, Jorge,Aka: Pinela, Hipolito; Pinela, Jorge Gutierrez
Pinela, Jorge,Aka: Pinela, 
Hipolito; Pinela, Jorge Gutierrez44 yr old male, 
Date of Birth: 07/11/1965
5’8”, 240 lbs., brown hair (bald), 
brown eyes, scars – left leg
Last known address: Santa Fe, NM
Wanted for: Failure to Appear – 
controlled substance
Bond: $30,000  ** Cautions: 
drug use- previous incidents, 
multiple alias names**
http://www.eaglecounty.us/uploadedImages/ECG_Website/Sheriff/Crime_Prevention/Loya III, Gasper.jpg
Loya III, Gasper  aka: Dominguez, 
Jesus Espinoza
34 yr old male, Date of Birth: 07/20/1975 
(has also used 6/20/74)
5’11”, 185 lbs., Black hair, brown eyes, 
numerous tattoos
Last known address: Avon, CO 
(last known location, 
Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico)
Wanted for: Fugitive from Justice – 
Eagle County Detention Center Escapee
Bond: No Bond Hold
http://www.eaglecounty.us/uploadedImages/ECG_Website/Sheriff/Crime_Prevention/Giordano, Fernando Luis.jpg
Giordano, Fernando Luis
39 yr old male, 
Date of Birth: 03/13/1970
6’2”, 155 lbs., brown hair, 
brown eyes
Last known address: 
Eagle-Vail, CO
Wanted for: Contempt of Court - 
controlled substance
Bond: $25,000  
Corona-Lujan, Javier40 yr old male, 
Date of Birth: 12/24/1971
5’10”, 190 lbs., 
black hair, brown eyes, tattoo – 
left arm – “JIZ”
Last known address: Dotsero, CO
Wanted for: Sex Assault on a Child 
/ Position of Trust
Bond: $25,000 
http://www.eaglecounty.us/uploadedImages/ECG_Website/Sheriff/Crime_Prevention/ponce, alvaro hernandez.jpg
Ponce, Alvaro Hernandez40 yr old male, 
Date of Birth: 11/28/69
5’09”, 180 lbs, Brown eyes, 
Brown hair
Last known address: Eagle, CO
Wanted For: Failure to Appear: 
Child Abuse, 3rd degree assault, 
Failure to Appear: Driving under 
driving w/revoked license, 
lane usage violation
Bond: No Bond Hold 
http://www.eaglecounty.us/uploadedImages/ECG_Website/Sheriff/Crime_Prevention/haswell, bryant.jpg
Haswell, Bryant Webster39 yr old male, 
Date of Birth: 05/09/1970
5'8", 135 lbs, Red hair, 
Hazel eyes and freckled complexion
Last known address: 
Has ties in Stoneham MA, Bloomfield NJ, 
Rockledge FL, Stowe VT, and Vail CO
Wanted For: Failure to Appear,
 Failure to Comply in connection w/ 
Second Degree Assault with a weapon 
of a female victim whose skull was broken.

Bond: $10,000 

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