Monday, April 26, 2010

National Guard To Patrol Streets To Curb Chicago Murders?

There have been 113 gun homicides so far in the “Gun Free Zone” of Chicago, Illinois this year. In one night alone last week, eighteen people were wounded and seven people in Chicago were killed. Some Illinois lawmakers want the Governor to call out the National Guard to patrol the streets along with the city’s overwhelmed police department. Some lawmakers believe that all options should be on the table.

Mayor Daley has just responded to the call for the National Guard use by saying he is not in favor of using the National Guard.

One can’t help but wonder how can the murder rate be so high when no handguns are allowed in the Daley/Obama political machine’s city? Many cities in the U.S. with the strictest anti gun laws have some of the highest rate of homicides. Interestingly enough, Washington D.C’s rate of homicide has dropped 25% since the Supreme Court’s Heller decision that affirmed the pre-existing right of D.C.’s citizens to protect themselves with firearms in their homes.

Some calling for the use of the National Guard compare the Chicago situation with Illinois Guardsmen working with the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. They say that Chicago has a war in its own back yard. They say the police are trying to do a good job, but they are just overwhelmed.

There is, of course, a real concern of violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, which is the Federal Law from 1878 that limits powers of the federal Government in using the U.S. military to enforce civilian law.
Jody Weis, a military veteran and now the Chicago Police Superintendent, doesn’t believe that the National Guard should be used. He said that police are the ones who must focus on civilian law enforcement. But, many believe that the Superintendent has not done enough.

The area where almost all violent crime occurs is only in about nine percent of the city. Much of it involves gangs. The police department has been forming a 100 member police “strike force” to put down the violence epidemic on the city’s south and west sides.

Additionally, the Military, until recently under the Obama agenda, has not been concerned with the formalities of search warrants, criminal procedure, or Miranda warnings. Weis said that they are not part of the military’s mission, but police deal with these matters on a daily basis.

Disgraced Governor Rod Blagojevich suggested bringing in State Police during a similar crime surge in 2008, But Mayor Daley has rejected all outside help. He prefers to ban guns as the solution instead.

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