Friday, April 30, 2010

Burglar's Tire Shot Out As He Fled The Crime Scene

A Home Invader in Delaware turned himself in to the police after the neighbor of his victim shot out his left front tire as he tried to drive away from the crime scene. The neighbor believed that the man was burglarizing the house, and he was right. The neighbor called the home’s owner and asked him if anyone was supposed to be in the home after he saw 30 year old Brad Donaway, a stranger, there. He was told no.

The neighbor got his gun and confronted Donaway at the house. He told the burglar to go outside. When the man got into his getaway car and started driving off, the neighbor shot out the tire.  

Donaway continued to drive away toward his home in Maryland. He returned to Delaware to turn himself in after being contacted by police. He was charged with possession of burglary tools and burglary.

And, on the West Coast:

Onalaska, Washington Police have released the 911 call from when a homeowner shot and killed a burglar.

The  Onalaska, Washington homeowner shot and killed  a home invader, Thomas McKenzie,  last week.

Homeowner: "Had a burglar (inaudible)…. Told them to leave before."

Operator: "Ok, there's a burglar there and somebody shot him?"

Homeowner: "One female, one male. I'm the one that shot him."

Operator: "Is he dead?" 

Homeowner: I don't know, and I'm not about to go check."

Operator: "Is the girl armed? Did she come with him?"

Homeowner: "I have no idea. I'm not...Jesus Christ. I do not...when I have intruders, I assume they're armed."

When police arrived, they found the dead man’s wife and his body. Police apparently believe that the shooting was in self defense. The dead man’s wife said her husband was murdered. The investigation is continuing.

The homeowner said that he scared off burglars earlier in the day too.

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 DOB: 09/15/1975
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3cts Rape
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