Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Homeowners 5- Burglars 0

In Texas:

A burglar in Weatherford, Texas picked the wrong house to burglarize this week. It was the home of a retired Texas state trooper. The intended victim woke up Tuesday as Kristoffer Lynn Knight was inside the home. The homeowner tried to hold the home invader at gunpoint, and there was a struggle after he told the crook to get on the ground. Knight was shot in the left side. He’s now in County jail and is facing felony burglary charges.

In Jacksonville, Florida:

67 year old Betty Magnusson heard a loud noise in her living room Sunday evening. She picked up her gun and went to investigate. There was a man wearing a hoodie standing by her Christmas tree looking dejected because there were no presents under the tree. Betty didn’t say anything. Instead, she fired. She missed the burglar, and the shot hit her window. But, that was enough to send the thug fleeing. She now plans to spend some time at the shooting range.

From the Spokane Police Department:

 A Spokane County Sheriff Department Spokesman says the 14-year-old burglar shot during a burglary attempt in Medical Lake Monday has been moved out of ICU and is listed in satisfactory condition. He underwent surgery Monday to remove a .45 caliber bullet.
According to Sheriff's Sgt. Dave Reagan, shortly before 5 a.m., a resident in Medical Lake called 911 and reported someone breaking into her home and that her husband was holding a suspect in the backyard. Minutes later she reported that a suspect had been shot.
Deputies arrived to find the 14-year-old male suspect with a gunshot wound. He was transported to a Spokane hospital where he underwent surgery. His condition is unknown.  
A second suspect, also a 14-year-old, was seen jumping the couple's backyard fence and running down an alley. He was later identified and contacted at his home.  
The two suspects were reportedly carrying baseball bats at the time the man confronted them. They had broken into an enclosed room beneath the couple's back deck.
The husband reported that the room had been broken into several days prior, but he had not reported the break-in. He added an alarm to the room which is what alerted him
In the Virgin Islands:

Detectives in St. Thomas, V.I. are investigating the killing of a burglar this week by his would be victim. Arriving EMT’s found a dead man who was wearing a mask, surgical gloves, and was armed with a gun. Unfortunately for him, one of the the home’s occupants had his own gun.  He was killed by one well placed shot. He had confronted the home’s occupants and demanded their cash.

In Reno, Vevada:

On Saturday morning, a burglar’s day got off to a bad start when he invaded a home there.
The home’s occupant heard the commotion and investigated while holding his gun. He found the crook cowering in the basement. That intended victim shot at the man, hitting him twice. The burglar ran off, but didn’t get far when he drove his getaway car into several parked vehicles. The car eventually landed against a tree in a neighbor’s yard.

In Tasmania:

Police responded to a burglary in progress  at an IGA grocery in George Town, Tasmania Tuesday. The burglar had a knife. The burglar was shot in the butt by responding police. He is recovering from the painful wound. He and his buddy he was with in the store are charged with armed burglary.  

In Tennessee, 10 Year Old Gets “In School” Lunchroom Suspension over Pizza Slice Shaped Like Gun.

And, a Smyrna, Tennessee 10 year old was suspended from his regular lunchroom table for waving around and “threatening” other students with a slice of pizza with bites taken out of it to make it into the shape of a gun. He’s sitting at the “silent table” for the rest of the semester.
Little Nicholas Taylor attends David Youree elementary. A Child sitting across from Nicholas in the lunchroom as he ate the pizza commented to him that the piece he was eating looked like a gun. And, Nicholas did what most any other 10 year old would do. He picked up the gun shaped slice and started acting like he was shooting it.

The school officials told his mother that he had been threatening other students. When they “confronted” him, Nicholas wasn’t truthful.

If there’s a positive side to this, its that Nicholas is spending time with the school’s resource officer learning about gun safety. We suggest the NRA Eddie Eagle gun safety program for all of the students.

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