Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The New Fond Du Lac Wisconsin Sheriff's "Zombie Killer" TPV SWAT TRUCK

Zombies Beware:

The Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin Sheriff’s Department will be receiving the ultimate in Zombie killing armored vehicles, bought from the same people who are contractors for the MRAP military vehicles. The high dollar vehicle will be delivered in 2012.

The county received a loaner TVP armored SWAT TRUCK  from the factory that was actually the one used in the movie “Batman, the Dark Knight Rises.” It still had “Gotham City PD” decals on its sides. The Gotham City PD decals were peeled off and replaced with the appropriate Fond Du Lac Sheriff's decals.

The manufacturer claims that the armor will defeat 14.5mm  heavy machine gun rounds. 

ZU-23-2 in Saint Petersburg.jpg 
These Russian 14.5mm heavy machine guns are on an anti aircraft mount. 
Let's hope the Sheriff never meets up with one of these. They would be good Zombie wasters though. 

This armored car for the Sheriff is replacing a classic, but antiquated 60 year old “Humber Pig.” (No pun intended.) This new one is a monster, with lockable gun ports, lots of room for personnel, and plenty of armor. It also has a full factory warranty, an added benefit for any discriminating Zombie killer armored car buyer. 

Let’s hope there’s no "Fast and Furious" BATFE program for these new loaded up armored vehicles, or the old "Pig" for that matter.  

But, hopefully, there will be a military vehicle collector buyer waiting for this now surplus collector's vehicle. Some are for sale in England in running condition for as little as $5,500.00 plus export fees and shipping. 
The problem with the old "Pig" was that it didn't start reliably and repair parts were scarce.   

So, out with the old "Humber Pig"  for the Fond Du Lac Sheriff and the boys of the Tactical Team.

Here’s the press release and the video. 

(Not the actual Wisconsin Humber Pig vehicle  pictured below)




"FOND DU LAC and OSHKOSH, Wis. (Dec. 19, 2011) — Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s
Office, located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, will be the nation’s first law enforcement agency to
receive the state-of-the-art Tactical Protector Vehicle (TPV) from Oshkosh Defense, a division
of Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK) and leading provider of vehicles to the U.S. Military. The
Oshkosh TPV will expand Fond du Lac County’s law enforcement capabilities and provide
greater protection to officers during high-risk situations.

According to Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Mylan Fink, the area has seen a
significant increase in the number of situations requiring involvement of the department’s tactical team – from delivering high-risk warrants, to call-outs involving armed suspects.

“Our officers are managing high risk situations that continue to grow in severity and numbers,” Sheriff Fink said. “They are putting their lives on the line as they enforce the laws and protect our community, and keeping them safe is something we take very seriously. The addition of the new Oshkosh TPV to our vehicle fleet will expand our tactical capabilities and provide greater
protection for our officers in these high-risk situations.”  

The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office is scheduled to receive its new Oshkosh TPV in Spring
2012. The vehicle provides officers with protection through an advanced armor system that
utilizes ballistic steel and glass to enclose the entire crew compartment. The Oshkosh TPV
offers a level of mobility and maneuverability unmatched by other protected vehicles in this
class to meet challenging situations in congested urban settings as well as off-road rural

The highly customizable vehicle will be configured, both inside and out, with
options selected by the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office to meet a wide range of tactical
mission requirements.    

“The Oshkosh TPV is designed for the high-risk demands confronted by tactical law
enforcement officers on a daily basis,” said Ken Juergens, vice president and general manager
of Joint Programs for Oshkosh Defense. “We are pleased to provide Fond du Lac County
officers with the TPV, which was engineered using state-of-the-art techniques and specialized
materials, to meet the needs of law enforcement.”

The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office’s TPV will accommodate nine officers and include
electrically deployed drop-down skip plates for additional officer protection. The vehicle uses a
6.8-liter, 362-horsepower V-10 gasoline engine, can reach speeds of up to 75 mph, and has
selectable four-wheel drive and run-flat tires."


  1. When you acquire a brand-new hammer, everything looks like a nail.

  2. how awful. class warfare is coming.