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Whatever Happened to Obama's Civilian National Security Force?


Obama's administration has a few more things on the agenda for you and me. Just like Eric Holder promised some action on gun control. Whatever happened to the community organizing of the Civilian National Security Force that Obama touted as a Presidential candidate Obama in 2008? We Believe some things are better left undone. Perhaps work on this is really going on "under the radar" as you read this. 

Plans on destroying American's firearms freedoms were being done "under the radar" as Obama explained to the Brady Coalition's Sarah Brady when she gave the White House an "F" on gun control. Obama apparently doesn't like to receive "F" grades, but we don't really know because he won't release his college records. Yes, some things like the Civilian National Security Force" are better left undone like the "under the radar" and murderous Fast and Furious "Gun Walker" Obama Justice Department scam. And, Holder is still standing. The rules are always different for Democrats. 

His pronouncement of the need for a Civilian National Security Force initially conjured up visions of brown shirted Storm Troopers with some people. Who knew what the hell this man meant then or now in his 2008 campaign speech. We still don't know. Some web sites, such as "Fact Check"  spin this "National Security Force" as meaning he would double the size of the Peace Corps. But those very words that Obama used," We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a  Civilian National Security force that's just as strong, just as well funded" do not conjure up Peace Corps visions. 

Were these words just poorly chosen? Poor word choices and misstatements are the province of poor old Joe Biden. Try as hard as Obama and his side kick may try, their sometimes off the cuff statements really reveal their true beliefs. Remember Obama's off the teleprompter "spreading the wealth is a good thing" to Joe the Plumber. Just consider Joe Biden recently saying that the Taliban are not our enemies. Tell that to the families of the five Polish soldiers who were killed by a Taliban roadside bomb within hours of that declaration. And, try those words with the families of U.S. Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines killed and wounded by the peace loving Taliban. 

Mr. Biden should have a chat with Navy Cross and Purple Heart recipient SEAL Marcus Latrelle, who single handedly managed to hold off and kill many of the the remainder of between 80 and 150 peace loving Taliban in Afghanistan as the sole survivor of the attack on his four man SEAL team patrol. His commander was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for bravely climbing under heavy Taliban terrorist fire to higher ground to radio for help. And, our side kick in chief Vice President doesn't even know who the enemy is. This is absolutely beyond belief. Its incomprehensible. How can this administration advance any of our nebulous "National Security Objectives," whatever they are, in any manner with this kind of thinking?" Does he even know what our real National Security Objectives are? 

And, just whom would Obama choose as the Czar of the National Security Force? Another Chicago political machine crony like Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod, or some Cass Sunsteen-esque Chicago political hack? Its sure to be someone  in the ultra liberal ruling class mold who believes that they are more fit to run our lives and take care of our families than we can ourselves. And, where's the money coming from to pay for this? 

There already is a Civilian National Security Force. Its called the Reserve Militia or Unorganized Militia as created by the Militia Act of 1903. If you are an able bodied "man" between 17 and 45, then you already belong. Of course, leftists spin this Militia Act as being the creation of the"National Guard." But, the National Guard was already in existence when the Militia Act was passed. Isn't that amazing? Apparently, The Organizer in Chief was not even aware of the existing Militia until recently. 

The Civilian Marksmanship Program, a Federally funded organization sprang from this Act. Their job is to help train Americans as marksmen, and to arm the populace as exemplified by the CMP shooting matches at Camp Perry, a military installation. They also have a few vintage M-1 Garands left for for sale at their website. 

Obama apparently just recently discovered that the U.S. Government was actually selling vintage military semiautomatic rifles to the American public. He recently had the State Department ban the importation of hundreds of thousands of M1 Garands loaned to Korea to be returned to the American Taxpayers and sold through the CMP. The State Department said those rifles would be disposed of by other means. This means their destruction. Why can't the taxpayers get these rifles back? They paid for them? It was just to please the anti gun rights organizations in order for them to claim one of their rare successes and aid in their fundraising marketing efforts. Its hard for a loser to get contributions. 

And, he wants this "Force" to be just as strong and well funded as the military. Well, the Government is now preparing to destroy the military by budget cuts of half a trillion dollars. The Secretary of Defense since last July, Leon Panetta, an Obama appointee, has said that these budget cuts will gut the military. Among other things, these budget cuts will put the Navy back to the same place where it was before the Pearl Harbor sneak attack, and the Army will be returning to pre-World War One levels. Obama can't even logistically manage our real military, let alone strategically. Maybe he could recruit the "Occupiers" for the National Security Force. He would just have to teach them where to use the restroom and what one is. 

History will repeat itself. We couldn't even begin to undertake the massive wartime defense manufacturing in a national emergency. We have no manufacturing of the type that helped us win in WWII left because manufacturers that would be making armaments and supplies have been forced off shore. The kind of factories that sustained us in World War II have disappeared. Gone for good. Once the ships, airplanes, and present armaments are gone, and the number of personnel in the military is cut to shreds, we will be helpless. Right now before the cuts, no one can defeat us in conventional warfare. But, not for long. The liberals who refuse to balance a budget, and the House and Senate are fast heading to making us equals with Europe in the economy, in healthcare, and militarily.   

All this destruction of the military being done with not one sign of objection by Obama. Not a single line or even a whimper of complaint about destroying our military has crossed the teleprompter of our Commander in Chief. We can only hope that the plans for the National Security Force never become reality.


House Bill Would Cut Off All U.S. Funding For U.N. If Anti Firearms Treaty is Adopted

Gort Firing.jpg
Maybe Obama envisions community
organizing a national force of 
super National Security force enforcers
like this? 

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  1. People have to understand that Obama is a "domestic enemy" as referenced in the Oath of Office.